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Roofing and Hail Storms: 5/2/2018

Quality Roofing has been through 4 Hail Storms.  In 2006, there was hail damage in Lamar county.  This was the year the owner’s son was born and the year was hectic for the Hoskins family. In 2011, a major hail storm hit Lamar county. This hail storm lasted over a year for Quality Roofing. During this storm, our company learned how to work with insurance adjusters and help homeowners navigate the insurance process with little stress. The picture below is from 2011.  Jack Hoskins, Joey Hoskins, Jack Hoskins Sr., and Jerry Hoskins are pictured on the bottom row. Lamar County saw another hail storm in 2016 and recently in 2017.  Through these hail storms we have learned many things. Here is a little bit of advice we have learned:

Always have a roofer check your roof for damage before you call your insurance company. This means that the roofer will have to climb on your roof and inspect it. A roof can not be inspected from the ground. You will have a claim against you if you call your company and have no damage. It should be no charge to look at your roof. I don’t know a company who charges for hail roof inspections.

ALWAYS go local. We have dealt with many calls from homeowners who had issues that came up and the traveling roofing company was no longer in Paris, TX.  This creates a problem for the homeowner. A local roofing company might have to charge for something that should be warrantied under the original installer.

Remember that insurance adjusters through storms have a hectic schedule. Many times we have had to call insurance adjusters to double check on things, but it is only because they get a very heavy workload.  We have never had a problem with an adjuster who did not help us figure out a problem. In other words, have patience is often key.

Hail storms can be a trying time for a homeowner trying to figure out the process of filing, choosing which new color of shingle to use, and then scheduling to have the home re-roofed. A roofing company should be helpful and considerate in helping the homeowner navigate this process.